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          Silicone oil WS-042

          Published:2018-02-27 15:10:08 Hits: ( 3)
          Silicone oil WS-042


          1. Characters:  
          Product name:Silicone oil WS-042
          Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid
          2.Physical and Chemical Properties:
          Ionicity:Weakly cationic
          PH value: 5-7
          3.Application characteristics
          1.This product is specially designed for the spinning fabric to be soft, smooth and with low yellowing.
          2.It is especially suitable for cotton knitting cloth,  LYCRA, silk and cotton fabric, which gives the fabric a smooth feel and a soft and delicate silk, which brings the high quality touch style to the fabric.
          3.Increase the breakage and tear strength of fabric.
          4.Give the fabric a gloss feel, better than ordinary silicone oil effect of Smooth tactility.
          4.Reference dosage:
          Impregnation method  1~6% o.w.f        
          Padding method      30-80g/l
          5.Storage and shipping:
          Store in a dry and ventilated place
          Should avoid strong vibration in transportation
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