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          Chemical fiber slippery soft silicone oil WS-043

          Published:2018-02-27 15:11:36 Hits: ( 3)
          Chemical fiber slippery soft silicone oil WS-043


          1. Characters:  
          Product name:Chemical fiber slippery soft silicone oil WS-043
          Appearance:White emulsion
          2.Physical and Chemical Properties:
          Ionicity:Weakly cationic
          PH value: 5-7
          3.Application characteristics
          1.This product is specially designed for textile fabrics, especially for chemical fiber fabric, which can give smooth and soft hand feel keeping low yellowing.
          2.Specially endows the fabric with a smooth, elastic and soft hand feel.
          3.High electrolyte resistance, high shear resistance, good applicability and maneuverability of process and equipment.
          4.Low yellowing, does not affect the whiteness rating.
          4.Reference dosage:
          Impregnation method  1~6% o.w.f        
          Padding method      10-60g/l
          Depending on the fiber and the desired effect adjustment, the specific process can be adjusted according to the sample test.
          5.Storage and shipping:
          Store in a dry and ventilated place
          Should avoid strong vibration in transportation
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