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          Foaming stereo paste WS-045

          Published:2018-02-12 15:08:05 Hits: ( 0)
          Foaming stereo paste WS-045

          1. Characters:  

          Product name:Foaming stereo paste WS-045
          Appearance:Light yellow paste
          2.Physical and Chemical Properties:
          Ionicity: Anionic
          3.Application characteristics
          1.Good mesh permeability, high cover power.
          2.The stereo effect is good, the surface is smooth, the hand feels soft, the fastness is good.
          3.Used for cotton and cotton blended fabric.
          4.Reference dosage:
          Make white printing: 
          foaming stereo paste WS-045   30%
          elastic white paste                       70%
          Make color printing:
          foaming stereo paste WS-045  30%
          elastic white paste                      30-35%
          elastic clear paste                       30%
          water-based paint                       X%
          5.Storage and shipping:
          Store in a dry and ventilated place
          Should avoid strong vibration in transportation


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