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          Knitting discharge paste WS-049

          Published:2018-02-27 14:33:13 Hits: ( 0)
          Knitting discharge paste WS-049

          1. Characters:   

          Product name:Knitting discharge paste WS-049
          Appearance:Color Discharge Paste WS-049A     Milky White Paste
                     White Discharge Paste WS-049B     White Paste
          2.Physical and Chemical Properties:
          Ionicity: Anionic
          3.Application characteristics
          1.The effect of white discharge is good, and it is colorful for color discharge.
          2.Soft hand touching and high fastness for color discharge
          3.Good stability for storage
          4.Reference dosage:
          White discharge:
          white discharge paste WS-049B 95-97%
          discharge printing powder           3-5%
          Paint color discharge:
          color discharge paste WS-049A  85-90%
          discharge printing powder            3-5%
          resistance discharge paint           X%
          5.Storage and shipping:
          Store in a dry and ventilated place
          Should avoid strong vibration in transportation
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