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          Water-borne dot ink printing clear paste WS-051

          Published:2018-02-27 14:40:00 Hits: ( 1)
          Water-borne dot ink printing clear paste WS-051

          1. Characters:   

          Product name:Water-borne dot ink printing clear paste WS-051
          Appearance:Milk white or white paste
          2.Physical and Chemical Properties:
          Ionicity: Anionic
          3.Application characteristics
          1.Four color dot chromatography, imitated white discharge and color discharge is good, soft hand touch.
          2.In use aspect, the risk for product quality is lower compare to discharge paste.
          3.Without selectivity for background fabric.
          4.Applicable to cotton and cotton blended fabric
          4.Reference dosage:
          Print multicolour
          Clear ink                 50%
          White ink                 50%
          Water-borne paint   X %
          5.Storage and shipping:
          Store in a dry and ventilated place
          Should avoid strong vibration in transportation
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